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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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bean wants to keep up with you on Twitter

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Paper Jam - Jammin session

4 People of different Music background and music taste playing songs together.

Kai Hee (Vocalist) : Superb vocal, big vocal range.
Hui Fang (Keyboardist) : She always deny the fact that she has perfect pitch which I still believe she does.
Sean (Drummer) : Superb punk rock drummer.
U-Fong (me) (Guitarist) : No Comments.

We're on our way composing some original tracks. Be sure to look out for that :)

Enjoy the vid :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My little Toy

I've always wanted to have a dual screen on my computer, finally I'm getting my hands on one today as my little treat for myself for hmm... completing an internship programme i joined this holiday (just any reason I'm trying to dig out).

A widescreen LCD screen Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP.

High Resolution made of S-IPS panel type, no color/brightness changed in any angles. Good size but a little too big to put on my hostel table. However, somehow I dun feel that this external screen is as sharp as my 14.1" UltraSharp laptop Widescreen. No idea why.

So far I'm loving it, it's gonna be great for me to compose music on the Ableton Live and of course to read documents and surf the webs.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"No Vacancy" almost done


"No Vacancy" A Little short film me and my friends have been discussing during the semester and decided to work on it during this Semester Break. Lots of scene shooting been taken in my PGP room in the past few weeks with a lot of trouble setting up the equipment and the instruement. Finally last night 25th June 2008, we've finally done with all the shooting! Now it's time for editing, music composing, sound editing and more editing.

Look out for the release date :) Hopefully it turns out good.

Friday, May 30, 2008


I was surfing online a minute ago, and i came across this in wikipedia when i was trying to read up on France for a questionnair. ROFLMAO!

Time was 1.32am 30th May 2008.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Holiday

Finally it's holiday.

Right after my last paper, I've started to play back a few old games like Simcity 3000, Starcraft and stuff. Starcraft has never failed to get me excited since primary school. Was playing Starcraft on Battle.net with my brother on a fake server called "The Abyss". You can download the whole of Starcraft at the site itself.

Was back at home in Malacca for the past few days for Mother's Day :) it's really nice to be eating back Malaccan food again :) But now, here I am back in Singapore again.

Lined up a few personal things for me to do during the holiday. Hopefully I can get them done while bucking up my Starcraft skill especially improving my REACTION time again :) Was losing like a real Noob for the past few days but now with my new strategy I think i'm starting to pwn again LOL! Seriously Looking forward to Starcraft 2.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Woke up from a Dream

Haven’t been able to believe that I was this blind…Took me a few weeks to accept this fact.

Folding a hand with a big stack in the pot is better than calling it until the end and realizing the losing hand. There shouldn’t be any reason to feel down when that happens but sometimes I just can’t think the logical way it should be. Well thanks to everybody who was there with me and to wake me up from this little dream which I was blindly following.

All these while, I've often wondering and trying to understand the human behaviours by observing people around me. Perhaps this incident brings me closer to my answer.

I was inspired by this song called “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails and covered by Johnny Cash yesterday, and for no reason I went to do a little recording of my own version of the cover of the song in my bedroom. Sent it to my friends and I’m so touched that Him Lun actually blogged about this. The song I spent about 20 mins for the recording and about 40 mins for the editing LOL.

Was thinking of whether I should upload it here… Hm… maybe I’ll send to whoever is interested on request instead. LOL (Shy) :>

Let’s conclude with some happy moments we had few weeks ago. A little post competition(X-Race) celebration with a fine dinner at Shin Kushiya .

Monday, March 24, 2008

Electonic Music Lab Post Concert Celebration

It was a great great Post Concert celebration with EML. We met up since 1pm to have an extreme makeover at the EML studio until 6pm where we excitedly rushed off for Shukodu (a Japanese Mache) at Raffles City Tower for a great meal as shown in the picture above! The queue was really long but it was worth the wait! :> Great food indeed.

After meal celebration was even better as we went clubbing at Ministry Of Sound (MOS)! Had a little trouble getting myself through the Guards for free entrance as i forgot my NUS Matric Card, but luckily my arguements worked.

MOS is a pretty cool place, a whole range of music to choose from Hiphop, Progressive, 80s, Techno, House all in 1 building. Catering a wider range of crowd as compared to Zouk. But the setting the design and stuff however i would prefer Zouk. Well the atmosphere at MOS yesterday was perfect with the perfect company! 8 jugs of Vodka shared among all of us (Thanks to Adrian), were enough to put us on the right mood for everything! Imagine we seriously couldn't smell the Clarke Quey River outside of MOS when we came out! After coming out of MOS, we stayed out at the Bridge by the river until 5am in the morning! Though we were kinda losing our senses that time, but those little casual chats did give me a lot inspiration in life! It changed my perspective in this world. That was probably one of the greatest and most meaningful chatting I've ever had in my life.

What's worse for me was probably the hang over which i had today. Woke up at 12pm (with good 6 hours of sleep) and found my nose in blood and my bedsheet too... I guess i drank too much of vodka on the rock during the chat at the bridge. Later around 4pm, nose bleeding strikes again. But heck , I'm ok now :>

So that was our great post concert celebration for our great concert! Potion 2008!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Art


Monday, January 28, 2008

Arts Festival

Ah.. haven't been blogging since awhile. Let me try to update about what Ive been up to lately.

NUS Arts and Entertainment Festival coming up soon. Have been busy composing music with my friends, very time consuming but i hope it's all worth the fun we had.

We had a Bazaar day few days ago, Heh, I enjoyed the performance i had with EML and really appreciate those really cool spectators there. At the bazaar however, I find it quite interesting to see everybody trying to sell tickets to each other, different performing groups selling tickets to different performing groups. Without the support of outsiders it certainly feels like a marketing trick for the centre's benefit LOL.

Academic wise, I do feel good to see my classmates from last semester again, karaoke, playing bridge till late night and stuff are one of the fun stuff we did together for this sem so far. Not too sure what i've really been busy with, but i sure did skip a lot of lectures already. I guses one of the reasons could be due to having problems with my printer now making me lagging behind on all the notes. Gonna get it fixed by tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Book of 2007 - Closed

Spent my one month break mainly on music. Occupied myself with music camps, playing music and composing songs, learnt a lot of things definitely.

After going through so many workshops/lessons about classical music, electronic music, DJ, and stuff, last night my friends and I went to two of the most popular pubs in Malacca – Pure Bar and Sports Bar, I seem to be able to experience more than just listening to the beats and seeing people dancing around at these places. Thanks to the DJ class by Electronic Music Lab, now I finally know the standard of the local DJs here, bad combination of beats, bad tempo, wrong phrases and things like that were never detected before I gone through these lessons. But I guess all these technical stuff aren’t important at all to the customers, are they? All they want are just a mixed of known songs played together in a crowded place. No doubt the feeling’s there, it’s nice to be in there even though it’s loud and crowded but a real bar that cares about music has got to improve their skill somehow I hope.

Well those were the pubs I went to in year 2007 dec 31, today onwards it’s a brand new year, a brand new start, hopefully there’re improvement going on! :>

Sunday, December 16, 2007

W32.USB Worm - Funniest Virus I've ever seen!

This is probably the funniest virus I've come across so far.

My friend got infected with W32.USBWorm which disabled Firefox. It prompts the message "I DNT HATE MOZILLA BUT USE IE OR ELSE..." when Firefox is opened with the header "USE INTERNET EXPLORER YOU DOPE." Then, Firefox is closed. Perhaps, somekinda Microsoft fan created that virus. LOL. The picture above is the savescreen of it.

In addition, her computer's task manager (The CTRL+ALT+DEL window) was disabled, I'm not sure whether it was due to her previous setting or it was due to the virus.

My friend Wai Hong and I spent our night googling for solution and solved it by following the steps below (in case anybody has got infected too).

Here are the steps taken from the site we googled.
1. Go to Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del)
2. in that click on Process Tab
3. Delete only the svchost.exe of your user name
4. type c:\heap41a in you address bar of your explorer and you can trace this folder

And the solution for the missing taskbar manager provided by microsoft site.

1. Verity that the "Local Group Policy" or "Domain Group Policy" doesn’t block you from using

"Task Manager".

1.1 "Local Group Policy"

a. Go to "Start" -> "Run" -> Write "Gpedit.msc" and press on "Enter" button.

b. Navigate to "User Configuration" -> "Administrative Templates" -> "System" -> "Ctrl+Alt+Del Options"

c. In the right side of the screen verity that "Remove Task Manager"" option set to "Disable" or "Not Configured".

d. Close "Gpedit.msc" MMC.

e. Go to "Start" -> "Run" -> Write "gpupdate /force" and press on "Enter" button.

Monday, November 05, 2007

The Unanswered Question

Still remember, about a week or two ago, my friends and I talked about Wisdom Tooth, something quite interesting at our age, most find it rather disturbing due to the pain it induces. So I started questioning why in the first place do we have wisdom tooth if it’s so disturbing? I knew this has got to tie in with evolution as everything does though I have little knowledge about it. Without prior research or any readings on this subject, I was thinking perhaps we’re in the process of growing 4 extra teeth as human beings due to our tendency in losing teeth as we grow older, so these 4 teeth behave like spares for us. Then interesting enough, a dentistry student Wataru chatting with us thought that we’re actually evolving in the process of losing the 4 teeth as we no longer need those teeth for some hard food our ancestors had to bear with and our jaws are in fact getting smaller. So yes, the latter claim sounded more valid. :)

Then I tried to link this to the reason why we die. When the 4 teeth lost their meaning in human life, they slowly disappear. Could it be that human dies when he has lost his meaning? Probably this is a better explanation about extinction and not death itself. One possibility of why human dies could be due to the fact that our ancestors wanted to die so we evolved from long long time ago at such that we die at a certain age. Now especially, human always find purpose in life, find every reason to live on. Could it be that one day, we’re evolving in such that we will no longer need to die?

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Music Visit

Alright, finally I’m back to blog a little something about my life.

Had a great trip exploring the music world today, went to so many instrument or musical equipment shops with Electronic Music Lab (EML). Visited SAE (the School of Audio Engineering) as well, learnt a lot about Mixing and Mastering, range of frequency of each instrument, how should they be recorded to give a good perception for the listeners, met people who are so in love with music, people behind the music we listen to and stuff. It was educational and interesting.

Music has been a part of my life, a significant part of my life in fact, since I was a kid. Meeting people passionate in music, meeting people chatting about music, seeing the world moving in the new direction – the music revolution (where artistes no longer wish to depend on their record label to earn from their CD Sales), I couldn’t be happier than this. Speaking of the music revolution, most people would’ve questions like, “why do these artistes want music industry to move in this direction?” “How do they earn?” and stuff like that. Human being naturally born with this program in their mind that everything we do has an objective, has a “why” to be answered. A good answer for the questions regarding music revolution would be – Why is there music revolution? To share things we’ve created.

After that, we had quite a special dinner at The MindCafé, quite an interesting concept of a café with boardgames for the customers to play while enjoying the meal. Wonder is a ToiletCafe coming up soon where people eat besides cubicals and stuff… hm…

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hidden message of GENUS (Guitar Ensemble NUS)

Weeks and weeks of practices for the night of the 45 minutes free admission Annual Concert of GENUS (Guitar Ensemble of NUS).

One interesting hidden message which I just realized the minute before the concert began is from one of the songs we played called “Gela Nexus” composed by the founder of GENUS, Mr Alex.
Let me re-write the name “Gela Nexus” as “GEla NexUS”
Bring out the capital letters “GEla NexUS” = “GENUS + laex”
Re-arranging the small letters “GENUS + laex” = “GENUS + alex”
That’s the names of our Guitar Ensemble (GENUS) and the founder of GENUS and also the composer of the piece, “Gela Nexus”. It’s quite amazing I thought to myself.

Back to the concert.

Good feedbacks from the audience including my friends who watched the concert.]

For me as the bassist, I personally liked it too, probably because of the coordination of the lightings and good composition of songs by our own people and very lively bass line. Furthermore, I personally prefer original tracks and not those same old classical pieces we’ve heard over and over again.

The main post-effect of the concert on me :
Those songs are repeating in my head non-stop even as I’m writing this blog. No idea how do I get rid of them besides blasting all the metal songs in my room right now.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Games Convention Asia 2007

Went to the Games Convention Asia 2007 this afternoon, it was really a "wow" event for me. Cool entrance, great decorations, a lot of models walking around, game characters and stuff, it was really amazing as it was my first experience at such event.

Had my hands on the Nintendo Wii there on a shooting game (forgot what's the name of the game), the motion sensor was cool, that little stick felt quite like a gun as we control the direction by the swing of our hands.

Moving on to Sony Playstation 3 section and i noticed Tekken 5 section, there was no way i'd walk away without playing that game i said. There was this guy who had been holding that joystick playing with so many opponents but he would not walked away. I grabbed a chance thinkin of trying the PS3 controller and to play with that guy but hell that guy was a real pro, there was no way anybody could have beaten him and probably that's the reason why he had been standing there (enjoying his time at pwning people), so I chatted with him. He actually told me that he had been standing there since Friday playing with everybody and noone has beaten him yet! He added that someone even recorded his game when he was playing it. Imagine how nice the feeling would be if I could beat him in Tekken after those words he said, but no... I only managed to beat him just 1 round and I was shouting for joy LOL! (to win a set we need to win 3 rounds), of course after that he beat me 3 rounds straight and won the game. LOL.

Some other funny things I saw were like people queueing for RAZOR paper bag, showing Dota Competition live on big screen and 2 Girls as finalists in some fighting game.

Razor paper bag - They called it the goodies bag, but it was really jut a paper bag with nothing but some brochures about Razor inside. I could see all the disappointing face of the people who queued for hours.

Dota Competition - It was shown on the big screen just like The Frozen Throne competition in WCG with commentator, I find it rather funny.

2 Girls as finalists - Now I felt that this was quite a rare scene as normally guys are the ones pwning in games. Well nice to see girls as finalists :)

Alright that's it for now. Happy Gaming!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy National Day

It's kinda cool to actually celebrate our National Day in a foreign country. Raised the flag and sang the song made made famous by "Negarakuku" - National Anthem , Negaraku in the middle of Singapore felt kinda cool.

Met up with the juniors at NUS High School, and celebrated with them. These people reminded me of the past 2 years of my life. I'm glad those 2 years have passed.

Has anyone ever felt like forgetting something but dunno what exactly are we forgetting? That's what i'm feeling right now. Damn...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My comp crashed!

My laptop had a bath with rain water yesterday when i was having lecture, and now it's crashed! Formatted my comp and everything became so laggy, I don't know why.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Reality of life

Just had my first week of University life.

Oh yeah, I watched "The Ring" shown on Channel 5 last weekend and it brought me into this question, What is the difference between a horror movie and the news media? People got feared by watching those scenes of scary sudden appearances. Some start asking themselves why in the world they watch such movies to scare themselves. Perhaps some of you may even say, that's the reason you don't watch horror movies but then the next moment you turn on the TV or you flip the newspaper and see crimes everywhere and get frighten by the “reality” you believe in not realizing that you are actually doing the same thing as watching horror movie. If you think that the difference between a horror movie and the news media is reality and fiction, well think again.

Anyway, back to University life.

From movies and stuff I often see professors in university do not teach much in lectures, some actually wrote down a few lines of words on the black board and called it a day. Those were what movies portrayed. Now that I’ve experienced real life university lectures for a week, I find it totally different from what is seen on the TV. Good thing is, over here the lecturers do teach a lot :) . Is it because of the difference in culture?

I find it actually not much difference between lectures in University and lectures in Junior College. Obviously for both cases, lecturers use powerpoint slides and a microphone to speak while 10%-20% of students are sleeping or day dreaming. A lecturer of mine said, “During my time, the lecturers used chalks to write and teach everything on the black board and we had to jot down everything they said, but now you all can just sit there and watch us teach with all the powerpoints slides available for download” I sat in the middle of the lecture theater not falling asleep but munching a sandwich and drinking a coke listening to the lecturer speaks, feeling a little guilty. LOL.

1st week of school and I have already skipped an 8am two-hour-lecture un-intentionally, but I sincerely make-up for that by joining other group’s lecture of the same module and same lecturer. 8am didn’t even exist in my clock for the past 8 months. 2 alarm clocks plus a natural sunlight alarm clock (due to my missing blind) do not seem to help so far, instead a phone call helps. Thank you all for waking me up by phone on the 2nd 8am lecture of the week 

However, my life doesn’t just revolve around university life, there are other things I am responsible for which I am hoping that it’s not too complicated for me to deal with. Although finding myself not having much time in a day, rushing from a place to another, I am enjoying it so far. Looking forward for tomorrow. :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Uncertain Uncertainties

All the uncertain uncertainties I'm facing, all the unknown unkowns I'm facing.....

The certain uncertainties are already bad enough like what are the things the individuals like/hate to do which can vary with time. We observe, we take note just to figure that out. But what about the uncertain uncertainties? Do we figure that out?

The known unkowns are already bad enough like what are the characteristics of the individuals, what do the individuals think? We try hard, we spend lots of time and effort to figure that out. But what about the unknown unkowns? Do we figure that out?

I have made very bad reads on the individuals again and again! Hurt a bunch of people around me including myself. Almost lost confidence in reading any new individuals ahead again, almost lost TRUST. But I have not given up because I know the only constant in the world is change, today I may have made a bad read on the opponent, but that read may be the right read of the opponent for tomorrow. Change is a certainty I know.

Monday, August 06, 2007

What a co-incidence!

How in the world could this be happening? I just found out today that I am staying in the exact same room here in Prince George's Park Residence where my senior, Wai Hong stayed in last semester out of thousands of rooms here! and 2 years ago when I first came to Singapore, I stayed in the exact room at Anglo-Chinese (Independent) Boarding school where he stayed in too!

How Co-incident! Good thing is, he really kept his room clean and I've been enjoying the cleanliness of the room for 2 times now. LOL. He's still loving the room where I'm staying right now and I am loving it as well! LOL.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Is there Caffein Substitution?

Arh... Caffeine is really doing me bad especially on weekends. Normally i wake up slightly early on weekdays and i take my coffee roughly on time each day. When it comes to weekends, I tend to wake up a little bit later which is over the usual time for my morning coffee, I’ll feel really uncomfortable when I wake up just like today. I sneezed non-stop every 5 seconds until I made myself 2 cups of coffee to “cure” it. Is it just happened to be that I’m catching cold on weekends or it is the Caffeine Deficiency Syndrome?

If the latter is the cause of it, then it is torturing of what caffeine has made me but I have no desire in quitting coffee as it has become a part of me for more than 10 years at least. Coffee after meal, Coffee before work, Coffee before exam…. I can’t imagine how it would be without coffee and I am not going to imagine so. Just wondering is such addiction bad for health?

It’s bean a week now since the first day I stayed in Prince George Park Residence, got to know a lot of great friends around and someone who shares a lot of common interest with me in music especially, Xiao Ting. Attended her Chinese Orchestra concert once when I was just arrived in Singapore a few days ago, she plays “liu qin” and is undeniably one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever come across.

A week more until lectures really start. Kinda looking forward to it and kinda lazy to get back to study life at the same time too. One thing is for sure, I'm enjoying the internet here :>

Friday, July 27, 2007

So that’s how it tastes!

Quite an experience at a café my friends brought me to in Malacca called “Friends Café”. The café is famous for its huge and tall espresso called “Friend’s Tower” if I’m not mistaken. For a caffeine addict like me, that definitely caught my eye, but at the same time looking at all the beers and liquor bottles placed as decoration on the wall, I was actually more drawn into their hard liquor section on the menu.

Didn’t know what to order as a first timer, so I ordered the first item on the list at the hard liquor section called "Tequila". It’s rather disturbing when the waiter doubted my order but gladly I was introduced into the cocktail of it called "Margarita". Out of curiosity, I asked to taste a shot of the pure liquor Tequila itself which is used in mixing the cocktail. The fact that I’m so used to drinking beers, that little cup of liquor I drank it so quickly that it burnt my throat and my nose. Worse than tasting wasabi at a big portion! Then, I went on to try the cocktail and wow that was probably the best drink I’ve ever tried in my life! Imagine an icy alcoholic drink with a little salty and sourly taste. No idea what were the combinations or chemistry in the drink, but it really came out so good. Didn't like the liqour but loved the cocktail. Guess that’s the taste of the end of my one month's break in Malacca.

Bad thing I did, drink and drive while still holding a “P license”, but it was definitely safe as I didn’t feel a thing about the alcohol.

Looking forward in trying more cocktails in other places. 

I’m a week away from the start of my university Orientation week, that’s the taste that I definitely am not looking forward to.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Music therapy

Sometimes, there is really no better medicine than a couple of great songs being played to your ear drums when you are in the mood only you yourself know.

Things I couldn't bear any longer in my head just tend to disappear when I'm listenin to the right songs at the right time. Is music another dimension to describe the positoin or characteristics of us within a conceptual space?

How many lives have Music actually saved so far? Is your life one of them?

Friday, July 06, 2007

“If it bleeds, it leads” So?

We naturally pay special attention to things that we don’t always see, to things we don’t always hear. A good story get twisted the other way around and everybody buys it. “If it bleeds, it leads” a very simple principle the media works on to sell their work.

Unfortunately, that principle isn’t just being used by the media, it is being used by everyone around us. Spot your daily conversation around you, exaggeration, fabrication, lies, all kinds of stuff added to a simple story to grab our attention. Exaggeration is perhaps one of the hardest detectable method often used. Your sad story probably wont earn a pity from your friends without the exaggeration. Some did well on these techniques and managed to shape the world’s thought while others being labeled “Big Cannon” or big liar or whatsoever.

Let’s ignore those “cannons”, focus on those who are actually successful in using those techniques. Let’s say you hate somebody, you recall back all the little little mistakes he did to you, exaggerate it into something big, something that could leave a big scar on you and sell it to your friends, to people around you, to the world. Your exaggeration works, people buy your story, people hate the same guy you hate. Is that what we want the world to be?

The media do so to get their audience which is their source of income. But for those people who do so in your daily life, what is your point? To get the satisfaction of seeing people around us hating the same guy we hate?

I’ve had enough of all this childishness! I am concern because I do not want the world to turn out this way. You hurt your own real friend in his back, you sell a fabricated or exaggerated story to the world so that the world hates your own friend, what is your point?

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Different Side

Questions, questions and more questions popped up in my head as I encountered all the different people around me. What are these people actually thinking? Why do they think like that? Why do they act like that? These are simply a few of the many questions in my head.

Stories we heard are often one-sided or biased. Have we ever paid attention to the other side? When we think about something, we give our opinions, we think of others as the way we perceive them. Have we actually thought the other way around? What if things aren’t the way we thought they were? What if things we heard are wrong? What if we are wrong? Are we too afraid to face our problems? Are we too afraid to admit we're wrong?

This reminds me of a documentary movie my teacher shown us in college “Bowling for Columbine” by Michael Moore. That movie shows that the US thought that for the society to own a gun is a way to create a safe environment to live in but ironically the total opposite of it happened where guns actually caused more violence than protecting the society. Incidents like the Columbine Massacre and murdering cases are a few of the things shown. This movie was released well before the Virginia Tech Massacre. Another great documentary movie by Michael Moore “Fahrenheit 9/11” which I’m impressed by the way he tried to open up our eyes on the other side of the story of the war. If you have the time, Watch them.

There were things I did wrong in the past. There were thoughts I had which are actually wrong. I can admit it but I can think better now. How about you?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Relaxin Mood

Today I'm so in relaxin mood, this is a perfect song to join my mood. I've seen faster acoustic guitar player drummin guitar at the same time but this guy is so far sounded most musical to me. Love it. Enjoy.

Sometimes we just have to get out of our usual hustle and bustle and all kinds of problems, close our eyes and just relax for a little while.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Got myself a treat :>

Woke up in the middle of Sunday morning, i just felt like browsing for some IT stuff with friends, So we took off to FUNAN IT Mall (arguably the best building to get IT Goods at the cheapest price here in Singapore). I've been interested in having myself a digicam so we went to browse for some cameras at the same time, and unexpectedly but gladly I got myself an affordable camera for myself : ) there goes my savings... lol.

Nikon Coolpix L12

Perfect camera at its price.

Expecting more photos to be uploaded here :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm up, set to go further

My second last week working as temporary staff in office. I've had quite enough experience,I've heard quite enough politics among the staff, I am good to go.

Dealing with my life and erm...work , hearing those chit-chats from my roommate colleague (Human Resource Manager), Lunch Talk among the colleagues and deal with the problems among my friends. On one hand, I'm hearing office politics and on the other hand I'm dealing with my friends.

As i usually relate things i see with what's happening around me, i tend to do the same for this. No scientific explanation I wanna force out of this, just words. There are people who enjoy stabbing each other to gain benefits out of them and there are people who don't. From my observation after working in office for a few months, for permanent staff, what you do in office all year round is waiting to get promoted, you can stab each other to gain that or you can improve yourself and making yourself capable of getting promoted. For friends, some people try hard to fit in. Perhaps you try to talk about someone among your friends, give a different view of someone who others had no bad impression of just to make yourself exists among your friends. Selfishness, hatred, lies, betrayals, i dunno what else ... are simply showing one's Childishness to me. I've had enough.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Gmail's DOWN!!!

Gmail's down for 2 days already! Anyone else experiencing it? Wonder is it just the internet here or the whole world is experiencing it. Wonder will i be missing any important emails this 2 days.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's burning hot at 8am in the morning!

I woke up late this morning at about 7.40am. Rushed off for a quick shower, quick breakfast and off to the mrt station. By then it was about 8.15am, before i even realised it, my shirt was all wet, let me repeat.. it was 8am in the Tuesday morning.

I asked myself, is there still a difference between 8am and 1pm now?

Im feeling as hot in the afternoon as in the morning! When I was a kid i could still feel the cool breeze in late morning probably around 9-10am at Kuala Terengganu. Sometimes even in the afternoon, things weren't as burning hot as they are right now. We all know it's global warming, but the heat is just pissing me off early in the morning!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Entrance fee for Popular Book Fest

Took a 4 days break from Vesak Day holiday to the weekend to be back in Malaysia, seen a few things, wondered about a few things, had lots of questions in head, and here I am bloggin about 1 thing I find rather interesting to talk about.

KLCC Convention Centre held a Book Fest, surprisingly, they charge each person RM2 as its entrance fee. So far this is my first time encountering entrance fee for a book fair.

Let’s talk business, is it a good idea to charge an entrance fee for their business?

We love fairs, IT fair, book fair and all kinds of fair we love them because obviously things are sold especially cheaper than the usual market price outside. So here it seems that RM2 entrance fee is simply worth paying to enjoy that privilege. However by common sense, we know that a little RM 2 could actually prevent thousands of people who had no intention of buying books from going in. Of course these people (who knows) may accidentally come across a good book which could have brought additional profit to the business.

There are pros and cons to it but I think Popular is doing well to earn that extra RM2 from each person right there as no one would come all the way going through all the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur city and the hustle crazy crowd at KLCC and still not checking out that Book Fest. Smart move by Popular to cover perhaps their Convention Centre rental fee, but entrance fee for Book fair just seems a little odd to me. It’s like charging entrance fee at FairPrice or Mydin, where things are sold cheaper than the usual market price, and you definitely wanna buy them, but you got to pay entrance fee to buy them. Hm… Quite an interesting marketing strategy but I dunno… I think it’s unnecessary unless u think your place is too crowded and you wanna get rid of some.

Monday, May 21, 2007

What is Love

“What is love?”

That is not a new question to anybody but that question right there put me into thinking. Well I guess I have a little explanation to what is love now.

(I read something about chemistry regarding chemical bonds which I find really related to romance. As I’m not good at relating it scientifically yet, do excuse me if I do make mistakes along the way.)

Right before a romance even started, we come across millions of people in life, filtering out many while finding some attractive to us by several fundamental aspects like age and appearance. Naturally we as human beings tend to explore all potential partners before making up our minds about whom to move along with. At a higher stage, we even go on dates with a few potential partners. Not necessary a date, but a time spent together just to understand each other. Nothing prevents an atom from sparking with several other atoms, similarly nothing prevents someone from “sparking” with several people, even knowing the fact that being interested in several people at the same time may not be right in our norms especially in our Asian Culture. Filtering has to take place along the way until things tend to go a little further in an obvious way and that is when we know who the perfect person is for us.

When things go a little further, bonds are formed, it creates stability for the new compound created. Similarly, when things go a little further in romance, when we’ve decided to move on with someone, we’ve come to a more stable stage, commitment has to come into place as a couple.

However, even that stable stage doesn’t prevent breaking of bonds and fusing with other atoms to form another kind of structure. When other attractive individuals come into the picture and they shaken the confidence of the couple, naturally there are breakups and forming of new relationships occurring. What prevents this from happening is beyond commitment, it is happiness. A happy bond is one bond that is stronger than any other bonds. At the end of the day, that happy bond can be concluded with a marriage to happily prevent us from having new romances.

Her question : What is love?

My answer : Love = Commitment + Happiness . When you in love, you're ready to put in that special commitment for someone you love and you are happy about it. That's love.

My question to my own answer : How do we measure happiness and commitment? What scale of happiness and commitment secures a romance?

Friday, May 18, 2007

Silence is not a solution!

Worst torture to me - Silence.

First step in problem solving is to identify the problem. By keeping silent, there is simply no way to identify the problem, what's more solving the problem?

Obviously time is not a solution if we keep silent when we knew there are problems occurred. There may not be a direct solution for each problem, in fact even maths problems do not have direct solutions, we approach it in many ways until we find the right one. Similarly, I strongly believe that we should do so in real life too. Face the problem, approach it in all the ways you can think of, when 1 way fails try another until it succeeds. It may be hurting, disappointing and feeling like giving up hopes in trying during the process just like how you can't solve a math problem after trying for hours or maybe days, but when you finally solved it, you are over the moon.

Problems are there to be solved, not to be left untouched. Problems are there to be solved, not to be grieved over them. Problems are there to be solved, not to be rewarded with pity. Problems are there to be solved, not to create burden in yourself. Problems are there to make you stronger. Problems are there to make you live more meaningfully. Once again, problems are there to be solved!

All of us have problems of our own every single day, you are not the only one out there.

Grab your balls and face it, will ya? Silence won't help.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Life = Chess

Life = Chess

Every time after I lost a game of chess I’ll ask myself, “How did I lose?”

It has bean so much going on with my life lately, so many new things I’ve gone through, so many repeated mistakes I’ve walked through. Every little thing I went through, my mind naturally gave it a thought asking why it happened, how it happened and what should I have done to avoid it from happening in the first place.

Recently I roughly figured out the question mark in my head which I’ve always asked myself, “What do others actually think?”

“Life = Chess” that’s what I’ve always believed, that’s what I’ve always told my friends. Probably the different style of playing chess each of us have, makes chess so interesting. Similarly, that tells us each of us leads our lives differently and that makes all of us so unique.

In Chess one of the possibilities for one to make a wrong move is due to having limited time to think. In life, the same thing happens, limited time.

Some of us play chess by merely focusing on our moves, what’s our next move, if the opponent gets in our way what should we do to overcome it, how do we win the opponent with our moves… and so on. We often neglect making the effort to think why did the opponent actually make that particular move in the first place significantly. That is the part from my daily observations where hurts, conflicts, misunderstandings occur in life. We often neglect the expression of the people around us until problems occurred, until we lost the game then we started asking ourselves back to the 1st question, how did we lose?

Honestly I wanted to end this article right there and then, let all of you give yourself a deep thought about how you have lived your life and what mistakes have you missed out, I guess I’ll continue just a little bit more to assist some thought process.

The difference in chess and life is that in life you don’t always have to win, Trust me, you don’t! Sometimes even when you win, when u made that correct decision, when u made that right move, you’re actually losing. Make the right decision on when to lose and when to win to make sure that when u lose you’re actually winning and when u win u are firmly winning. Be considerate, comprehend what others try to express, think, make the RIGHT decision even though it may not be the right move, but it is the correct decision.

I wanted to write this article a long time ago but I didn’t really have the time. Finally I did it. Hope it helps :>

Monday, April 23, 2007

i can Walk again

Been having pretty tough time for the past few days, suffering some kinda mental stress. For now, Im Ok again thanks especially to my bro who purposely came all the way to my house to help me and also thank my frens for all the time spent during that down period.

Got a problem, face it, and u'll be Ok. If u keep runnin away, the problem will only get worsen.

End of story :>

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

hey, still remember Linkin Park?


My bro told me that Linkin Park released their new single so I quickly checked it out.

Linkin Park - What I've Done , Well yeah, what have you done Linkin Park? Anyway, Trust me.. no matter what they turn out to be, you're still gonna hear them everywhere on the street very soon and it's gonna last you for years.

Maybe it's time to listen to the underground music of the street if you're seriously passion for music. I found that not many artistes that I used to like when I was small still make good music today. Running out of inspiration? or simply in today's context - making music for the market?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Is it food poisonin or what.

Friday night, had myself mixed rice for dinner (the one u pick vege and meat to feat ur rice) Dunno was it just my eyes or there was really an insect in my rice which the food stall uncle covered it with curry. Next thing i noticed after i've taken a few bite --- a few insect legs lying around my rice. (imagine mosquito, there were mosquito's legs around my rice) Maybe it's just because of my imagination as those legs could be somekinda vegetable actually but i couldn't swallow the next bite, ran back home and the next day i find myself totally losing appetite!

Lost Appetite, had not enough food for the day led to the weakinin of my body immune system and that led to Fever and headache. Had few breads and 3 bananas for the whole day of Sunday and I found myself struggling with Gastric pain above fever and headache, forced a half bowl of porridge into my stomach for dinner only made myself vomitted them out at midnite.

Monday, Skipped work. Lied on bed the whole day with 2 breads in my stomach until 8pm. Then, fever's gone but headache still there, so i said to myself "let's try my luck on some food". Ordered lamb Chop (i thought that looked appetizing at that moment), and hurray i finished it nice and clean.

Tuesday which is today, morning, had an amazingly long diarohea thanks to the lamb chop, reach office at 10am (1 hour late) and here am I blogging about my wonderful weekend. Right now, 12.45 pm I wonder what's next to be put in my stomach and what's next to be put in my toilet!


Friday, March 16, 2007

I Find this rather interesting

(Adopted proof)

1=2: A Proof using Complex Numbers
This supposed proof uses complex numbers. If you're not familiar with them, there's a brief introduction to them given below.
The Fallacious Proof:

Step 1: -1/1 = 1/-1

Step 2: Taking the square root of both sides: √(-1/1) = √(1/-1)

Step 3: Simplifying: √-1/√1 = √1/√-1

Step 4: In other words, i/1 = 1/i.

Step 5: Therefore, i / 2 = 1 / (2i),

Step 6: i/2 + 3/(2i) = 1/(2i) + 3/(2i),

Step 7: i (i/2 + 3/(2i) ) = i ( 1/(2i) + 3/(2i) ),

Step 8:

Step 9: (-1)/2 + 3/2 = 1/2 + 3/2,

Step 10: and this shows that 1=2.

I got the proof from this site Go to the link and see if you can figure out in which step the fallacy lies. When you think you've figured it out, click on that step and the computer will tell you whether you are correct or not, and will give an additional explanation of why that step is or isn't valid.

See how many tries it takes you to correctly identify the fallacious step!

Amazingly i spot it at my 1st try :> happy.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Death flashed

Wow... for the first time in my life i felt it! For the first time in my life i know how it tastes like. For the first time in my life i know what it is.

I felt the tremor from the Earthquake at central Sumatra yesterday. It happened twice but i only felt once which was the later one and was generally said to be a stronger one. The one i felt lasted about 5 secs, and hell 5 secs were a looongg time that time, i was wondering how long will it take to stop cause im at the top floor of Odeon Towers, City Hall, Singapore. If anything goes wrong, crack or building damage then i wont be here blogging again LOL.

Later at night, saw the news on this. Man it's really funny to hear how some of the people described this tremors. Exaggeration, Over describing and stuff, and as we all know people here kinda kiasi, many companies especially the high-rise ones actually evacuated the place after the termor felt. Well man.. quite an experience quite an experience. :>

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The MIB's Neutraliser

1 of the things i fantasise most from all the Sci-Fi movies i've seen, the Neutraliser Flash Light by the men-in-black. I dun exactly remember what's it called in the movie, anyway if u still remember what is it and know what i'm refering to, u probably haven't been flashed :) . Anyway, The Neutraliser i call it, erases one's memory and restore one's memory back to the date set at the Neutraliser.

Amazingly, Nowadays i just dun understand why, people around me seem to have lost some memory. All i knew is im listening to some of the lines of conversation i've already heard from the people weeks or months ago but these people don't even realise it, for some of the conversation i could even predict what they gonna ask me before they actually said it out for the "second time", they're like scripted and someone must have used this Neutraliser on them to restore their memory back to the date when the lines weren't said out i guess.

It's not really a big deal when it comes to conversation. What im concerned most is memories. Sometimes it's good to see people seem to lose some of the bad memories you wish it didn't even happen. Sometimes it's hurtful to see people seem to lose some of the good memories you wish they remember it all their lives.

Now go and try, pay attention to ur conversation with people who hasn't read this article. Im sure u'll notice the same thing among the people u talk to, repeated conversations, sudden lost in memories and stuff. It all happens and i dont know why. If Neutraliser does exist, then what are the memories we're not allowed to hold on to? And who are the one keep flashing this neutraliser to us? If it doesn't exist, then why are we forcing ourselves to forget some of the memories subconsciously?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I need a signboard, to show me the way, to show me the right direction. I dun wanna make another wrong turn again cuz it takes forever to realise that it's a wrong one and to walk back where it started takes even longer. - bean

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We need more Robots and less Humans?

Every single morning i wake up and find myself trapped in a crowded bus, staring at the same faces, not the same person but the same kinda faces, the facial expression saying, here it goes again, another day to go to work and spend the whole 9 hours or so at the office doin the same job over and over again and get ur cash back to home and sleep for those who have family, back home spend some time with family and sleep. This goes on every single day , 5 days a week at least. Isn't this the life of Robot?

Humans go through changes, from childhood to adulthood, from illiterate to literate, from childish to mature, from 0 to 100, going through all this progress since the day we made it through the rest and get a fine place in mommy's stomach, so why stop progressing at this age now? from young, we try to do different things each day, Lego for example, u fix different things with ur own imagination each time, go to sch u learn different things at different age, so why stop progressing now? why keep doin same thing over and over again when u're into career life? Or this is actually who we are? all these years we're actaully downloading information from somewhere we dunno just to make us a fine robot to do repetitive work at the age of.. i dunno 20+ till the day u die? Is this actually why we're here?

The same thing goes to education. When small we study a whole range of subjects, from arts to science, as we grow older, our mind gets narrowed down to maybe pure science... then as we go on later...maybe our mind narrowed down to even smaller scope... Biology for eg then be a doctor ignoring other knowledge. This is the same as what im trying to say, going through all this just to make us a fine Robot, in this case a find RoBOT DOCTOR, fixing patients each day over and over again. Why can't we learn wider range of subjects as we grow older instead? the depth of each field doesnt mean we do not have the time to make up for it. why huh? are we robots?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bloggin from the office

I'm workin already and here i am bloggin from my office...

Will be going home in malacca this saturday till sunday :)

Is office job the career i want next time?

Does my work right now require brain work? yes.. I have to analyze the sales, have to calculate the "margin" of the product and stuff like that but imagine doin same thing for 8-9 hours a day, even if u're doin science, imagine doin physics or mathematics for 8-9 hours a day. Will it still be interesting?

Does my work give me stress? Nope.. i'm given my own room at the top floor of the Odeon Towers at City Hall area, own extension telephone, own company emaill address and own laptop, while many experienced workers are sitting at the center cubical desk with no privacy. Office job is definitely not stressful, but why the hell everytime i step out of the office's lobby i can smell such thick smoke in the air? Smokin to release stress? but what kinda stress?!

Does my work allow me to slack? Nope.. i received Sales data from all over the world, about 30 countries's sales data in Oil product sent directly to me, and i have to help some of those "slack" countries to complete their calculation which they left behind like Malaysia.... haha....

So... would i recomment office job to you? If u like all the parts of office job which ive just described what im doin here except the 1st part "reptition" then yes, this is the job for you. For me, Repition is a robot's job not human :) will ask for different assignment to escape from this repetition :>

Friday, January 19, 2007

Workin in singapore

Ah.. finally got a job here in Singapore. Gone through so many Job agencies, read through so many newspapers' Classified, had 1 interview from 1 of the agencies this morning and here i am, an employed man! Start working this monday, hope it's not stressful.

Right now, headache about renting a room, dunno where to find the best room in the sense of cost and condition for me to cope with the pay im getting.

Well, no matter what, i'm quite sure i'll be glad to have this experience to work out there in a big company called Oil Asia .

Monday, January 15, 2007

Bean here and there. Being tailed here and there.

Wow time flies. Went to Singapore and Kuala Terengganu last week, seen many different things, come across many people, learnt many things. Well there's 1 thing in particular is like tailing me everywhere i go--- Direct Selling.

Im pretty sure everybody at my age come across someone askin u to join somekinda business that sells certain products and u get really really high income in a very short time by asking people to join the membership just like u did.

Im not here to say that those business won't work, but here let me give u something to think about if you are already a member of some brand of direct selling or deciding on whether u should join or not. Once u're in the business, who are ur targets? Old people? Young people? Teens? Workin Adults?

Reasons :

Old People - Easy Target, any products that can improve health will definitely attract them regardless of the price.
Teenagers - Easy Target, any plans that can help one to earn quick money will difinitely attract them regardless of what the business is about (that's why many young ppl are getting into drugs nowadays) .
Working Adults - Hard Target, These people are already working hard for their own stable career.

Effect :

Old People - Takin our their lifetime saving just to purchase all kinds of product introduce by ur company just like i said REGARDLESS of the price. soon, they find themselves losing a whole chunk of money even insufficient to keep them surviving until the "time" comes.

Think about it. Make the right decision.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finally i can post!!

Finally i can post here!!! what happened with blogger for the past few weeks?!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Story behind the scars *plus added article*

*temporary added article* Damn... wonder what's goin on with blogger, haven't been able to create new article here.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Don't judge a person by his look. Fashion and culture one chooses to follow usually has another story behind it. When u finally know the story behind it, u'll know what this world really is. Teens piercing ears, highlighting hair ironically trying to be different by conforming with the so-called "hip culture" probably has another story behind it. probably no?

It's been raining non-stop over here. Northen part of Singapore, Southern part of Malaysia and even East Malaysia have been flooded by rains. Be careful of landslides when you're out there ok? Wonder what contributes to the increased Flood volumes. Story behind the floods---- Global warming?

For your info, Al Gore 45th Vice President of the United States is releasing a movie called An Inconvenient Truth which is mainly about Global Warming. "In the film, Gore presents the latest evidence to demonstrate how the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other pollutants of the industrial age are increasing temperatures. In addition to timelines and bell curves and stuff about oxygen isotopes in Greenland ice cores, Gore includes several cartoons, one featuring a Mister Sunbeam trapped by the bullies known as Greenhouse Gases." - By William Booth (Washington Post Staff Writer)

U guys definitely gonna catch that movie when it's released after going through such situation in malaysia and singapore now :>

Continuous from the article Life is confusing
-life is confusing with all the different stories behind each scar.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Days in Sandakan!

The Sandakan Water is believed to have the ability to bring back the first-time visitors to come back again after drinking the water there. Well let's see how far that is true, if i go Sandakan or any part of Sabah the next time, i'll make a notice here to prove the belief.

Short brief about the trip to sandakan as to attend a wedding dinner of my cousin. Sandakan is just like a town similar to the east coast cities of West Malaysia. The Green City or the Nature City is what they call it and Sandakan definitely suits the name. No doubt, it's a great place for nature lovers and a torturing place for people hunger for fastpace life. For teenagers like us, it's kinda boring due to the problems of transportation and there isn't much entertainment out there in the town. Fortunately for us who stayed in the Hotel Sabah (if not Hotel Sandakan) thankfully there's a cool pub that is great enough to put us in to kill time.

At that pub we met a wonderful young and talented singer and got to know her on the last day of our trip. Getting to know her and of coz some of the locals there, we realise that these people are so friendly, in fact their friendliness if i can say is hardly to be found in any part of West Malaysia and im glad i got to know at least 1 of them here! :) The memory we had in the pub is really really unforgettable!

Lastly, Well wishes to the new couple :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Life is confusing

I've always been wondering what is the past/background behind the lives of each living person in this world.

So many people believe in horoscope, metaphysics, personality tests. I think all these is what making one's life meaningless.Metaphysics and whatsoever make one think he is who he is. Actually to me human being is not born with a fixed personality, fixed path, fixed life. For instance, a hot-tempered person is only hot-tempered as long as he think he is. When asked, what kind of person are you? you answered "I'm a hot-tempered person", that definitely shows that u will behave so as long as u keep thinkin that way. If a hot-tempered person actaully thinks that he's a cheerful and friendly person, do u even think that he will still be a hot-tempered person?

To me, Sometimes what we think we know because of what we see is actually because we see things the way we think. Think about it.